Cork Scrabble Tournament – March 2023

The Cork Scrabble tournament took place on Sat 25th and Sun 26th March in the usual venue of The Address.

What a great weekend it was – 49 players took part in the event, with 6 of them completely new to tournament Scrabble! Fortunately we were in a large playing room, as there was only just enough space to fit us all.

It was a grouped tournament, with an A and a B group, and there were 14 rounds.

In the B group, the winners were: 3rd place John Winick; 2nd place Aileesh Harpur; 1st place Eoin Jackson. The best performing new player was Nadine Carroll, who won 7 of her 14 games – a wonderful achievement at her very first tournament!

In the A group, the top three players all finished on 10 wins, with only the spread to separate them – nail-biting stuff!! The winners were: 3rd place Andy Goodwin; 2nd place Liam Donnelly; 1st place Lukeman Owolabi.

The high word prize went to Pauline Weatherhead, who scored 158 points for REMAILED.

Well done to all the winners!

See all the stats and details from the weekend.

The Winners


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