Playing Scrabble Online

Scrabble can be played online on the Internet Scrabble Club ( or on Woogles (

(Info on Woogles coming soon…)

Internet Scrabble Club (ISC)

What ISC looks like:


Create Account

If you haven’t played on ISC before, you’ll need to create an account. You can sign up with a username (“ISC handle”),  password and email address, or you can connect using your Facebook or your Google account.


Once you’ve set up your account and are logged in, you need to set your game parameters – minutes per game, dictionary, what sort of challenge you want, and various other settings. Do this by clicking the “Cog” symbol.


When you’re set up and ready to play, you can look at the Seek graph and play against someone who’s looking for a game, or click the ‘Seek a Game’ button to send out a game request to other users. If you want to play against a specific player, you can send them a ‘Match’ request in the Command line at the bottom right of the screen if you know their ‘handle’ (username) – e.g. ‘match jfrizelle’


You can add players to your ‘Buddies’ list to make it easier to see if they’re logged in. When you are logged in, if someone in your Buddies list logs in, you will get a notification.

Click on the “Two heads” symbol to see buddies. To add someone as a Buddy, search for them by handle or email address, and when you find them click their name – they will then be added to your Buddies list.

More Info…

Phil Robertshaw has put together a great document on using ISC which you can download, or here is a link to a YouTube video on using ISC.