Procedure for Drawing Tiles

There is a procedure in place when drawing tiles from the bag during a competitive game of Scrabble. This procedure is in place to reduce both cheating and the suspicion of cheating.

The points below are taken from the WESPA Rules Version 3 PDF on the Resources page (“Resources for Players”) on WESPA’s website:

3.9.1 Bag Position

When drawing tiles, a player must:
(a) hold the tile bag so that its rim is at or above eye level;
(b) avert his or her eyes from the tile bag; and
(c) keep the tile bag in full view of the opponent.

3.9.2 Drawing Protocols

(a) Players need not draw tiles individually.
(b) Players must not put a hand containing tiles into the tile bag. All drawn tiles must be placed on the rack or the table before further tiles are drawn.
(c) Players must show an empty hand both before and after drawing.
(d) Tiles must be drawn with reasonable speed.

3.9.3 Keeping Tiles Above the Table

Players must keep all tiles above the level of the playing table at all times.

3.9.4 Improper Drawing

The Tournament Director will resolve any disputes concerning the propriety of tile drawing.