• Waterford Scrabble Tournament 2020

    Waterford Scrabble Tournament 2020

    Unfortunately the Waterford Scrabble Tournament has been cancelled due to COVID-19.Read More »
  • Procedure for Drawing Tiles

    Procedure for Drawing Tiles

    There is a procedure in place when drawing tiles from the bag during a competitive game of Scrabble. This procedure is in place to reduce both cheating and the suspicion of cheating. The points below are taken from the WESPA Rules Version 3 PDF on the Resources page (“Resources for …Read More »
  • Virtual World Cup

    Virtual World Cup

    Evans Clincy and the US COCO (Collins Coalition) are organising a virtual world cup to be run on ISC (the Internet Scrabble Club). Rik Kennedy has organised the top players in Ireland, and has registered Team Ireland – the players who are competing are: Paul Gallen, Kevin McMahon, Lukeman Owolabi, …Read More »

Competitive Scrabble

Playing at home or on the internet is all well and good, but nothing can beat sitting down in a club or tournament, face to face with other Scrabble enthusiasts, and seeing if you have what it takes!

People are playing in increasing numbers in clubs, one-day events and two-day events.


Scrabble Clubs

There are Scrabble clubs all over Ireland, and they are always delighted to welcome new players. There might be a club somewhere near you, so have a look through our list.

No club nearby? Maybe think about setting one up yourself - we'll do all we can to help you!



There are lots of tools, word lists and handy resources for learning Scrabble words.

Check them out and see what sticks - you never know; one or two new words might make all the difference in your next game of Scrabble!


Examiner Article

Scrabble was invented by unemployed architect Alfred Butts in 1938, so 2018 marked its 80th birthday – and it’s still going from strength to strength.

Here’s a great article written by one of our Cork players, Finbarr Long, which appeared in the 2nd January 2018 edition of the Evening Echo.