Afterword One-Day Tournament, 27th May

If any Scrabble players have yet to experience the hospitality of The Cove Bar and the Afterword Scrabble Club, you are in for a treat.
They will be running a 1-day tournament on Saturday May 27th. There will be 7 games in open format, ABSP and WESPA rated. Placings will be determined by wins then spread. Free challenge.
Prizes available for the top 3, and for the winner of the B and C ratings categories. Also some miscellaneous performance based and luck based prizes, depending on the number of entrants.
Entry fee of €20 per person, to be paid on the day. Cash only. Registration starts at 9:00am, and will close at 9:50am.

To book your place, or to make an enquiry, contact Eoin Jackson on 0831811694 or by email to

Click on the flier for full details.