Afterword Summer Tournament – May 2023

The Afterword Summer tournament took place on Sat 27th May in The Cove Bar in Waterford city.

We had 16 players, somehow equalling the number from the January tourney at the same venue, in spite of the heatwave, the big Scrabble tourney in Hull that it clashed with, AND that it was just a 1-day event quite a distance from the capital.

The tourney was ABSP and WESPA rated, the free challenge rule was in place, and there were 7 rounds.

  • Róisin Morrissey won the prize for best performing newbie.
  • The C prize went to Marie McDonald.
  • The B-prize was Hugh Boland’s.
  • Tom Drohan won David vs Goliath for a win over the #2 seed, Pauline.
  • High word went to Pauline Weatherhead for RETESTED, 140.
  • 3rd place = Eoin Jackson [5/7 wins, +286]
  • 2nd place = Theresa Scallan [6/7 wins, +332]
  • WINNER = Feargal Weatherhead [6/7 wins, +836]

Well done to all the winners!

See all the stats and details from the weekend.

Link for the stats report:-