All Ireland Scrabble Championships 2017

The All-Ireland Scrabble Championships was held on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2017 in a wonderful new venue – The Woodlands Hotel and Leisure Centre in Waterford.

There were 14 games played in an open format, with the battle for the 2017 All-Ireland Scrabble Champion coming right down to the last game, between Feargal Weatherhead and Lukeman Owolabi.

Lukeman finished in first place with 13 wins, Feargal came second with 11 wins and Ronan Webb came third with 10 wins.

The prize for the B group went to Sean Pardue who finished on 9 wins, and the prize for the C group went to Hannah Kingston who finished on 8.5 wins.

The highest word prize went to Eileen Meghen who scored 158 for STRIPPED, and a new “David and Goliath” prize went to Pauline Russell (rating 126), who won her game against Lukeman (rating 193).

The social side of the event was great, as always – a meal, drinks, several games of cards and plenty of craic!

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Winners shown below: Lukeman, Feargal, Ronan, Sean, Hannah, Eileen and Pauline.