Ambassador Hotel - Cork Scrabble Tournament

Cork Scrabble Tournament 2019

The 2019 Cork Scrabble tournament took place on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March in the Ambassador Hotel, Cork.

It was an open tournament with 13 games played over two days, coming down to an exciting final between Feargal Weatherhead and Pauline Russell. Feargal won the game to come in first place with 11 wins and a spread of 1,073. Pauline came in second place with 10 wins and a spread of 579, and Chris Broderick came third with 9 wins and a spread of 502.

Jennie Frizelle came top of the B group with 8 wins and a spread of 328, and Aileesh Harpur came top of the C group with 9 wins and a spread of 308.

Eileen Meghen won the high word prize, scoring 135 for SQUARED.

Finbarr Long and Feargal Weatherhead

Finbarr Long and Chris Broderick

Finbarr Long and Jennie Frizelle


Finbarr Long and Aileesh Harpur

See below for Facebook post with a full selection of photos, and here are full stats for the event (or click here to open it in a new window)