Ambassador Hotel - Cork Scrabble Tournament

Cork Scrabble Tournament 2020

The 2020 Cork Scrabble tournament took place on Saturday 29th February & Sunday 1st March in the Ambassador Hotel, Cork.

It was an open tournament with 13 games, and 31 players taking part. The final came down to an exciting finish between Feargal Weatherhead and Theresa Scallan, with Feargal winning the game to end up on 12 games and a spread of 1,261. Theresa came second with 10 games and a spread of 742, and Liam Donnelly came third with 9 wins and a spread of 1,039.

The B group winner was John Cunningham-Ryan, with 8 wins and a spread of 57, while the C group winner (and 4th overall) was Charlie Clarke with 9 wins and a spread of 943.

The high word prize went to John Kennedy for SILENCES, with a score of 140, and the David & Goliath prize went to Mary Morgan for her win against James Burley.

See all the stats from the event, and photos on our Facebook page.