Dunmore East Scrabble Tournament – Feb 2022

The new tournament in the Haven Hotel in Dunmore East on Sat 12th and Sun 13th of February 2022, organised by Eoin Jackson, went down a treat.

There were 13 games played (with an early finish on the Saturday afternoon to watch the rugby!) and it was wonderful to meet up again with old friends and see some new faces as well. It was a beautiful location right beside the sea, and if the weather had been kinder to us there would have been some lovely beach walks.

All the stats from the game are now available, for those who like to analyse the figures.


The winners were as follows:

Highest ‘newbie’:  Brian Dillon (6 wins, spread of +119)

Mystery number (the player who scored closest to a secret number Eoin had sealed inside an envelope): Ronan Warde

David and Goliath: Jennie Frizelle on her win against Feragal Weatherhead (Marie Ryan was the true winner of this prize, but wasn’t eligible as she won a higher prize)

High word: Ed Miliano, 131 points for WRITINGS

C group winner: Marie Ryan (8 wins, spread of +70)

B group winner: Dee Eckbauer (8 wins, spread of +185)

3rd Place: Chris Broderick (10 wins, spread of +654)

2nd Place: Ronan Webb (10 wins, spread of +893)

1st Place: Feargal Weatherhead (10 wins, spread of +993)