Waterford Scrabble Tournament – October 2021

The 2021 Waterford Scrabble tournament – the first real-life event since March 2020! So lovely to see everyone and play face to face again.

This event took place on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October in the Woodlands Hotel, Waterford.

It was an open format, with 13 games played over the two days, and was both ABSP and WESPA rated.

In first place was Feargal Weatherhead, with 12 wins and a spread of 1,671; in second place was Ronan Webb, with 11 wins and a spread of 967; and in third place was Jennie Frizelle with 10 wins and a spread of 648.

The B ratings prize went to Finbarr Long, with 8 wins and a spread of 506 and the C ratings prize went to Gary Birch with 9 wins and a spread of 898. The high word score went to Febisiola Olanipekun for EQUANTS with a score of 122. The David and Goliath prize went to Eoin Jackson, for his win against Chris Broderick.

Well done to all winners, and all participants! Full stats, details, etc, of each game, can be seen in the Stats Report.

Here is a Facebook post of photos… 


… and here is a snapshot of the old and new ratings, tournament rating, and the +/- change.

Waterford Scrabble Tournament 2021 Ratings Change