Scrabble Tournament - Hotel Curracloe

Wexford Scrabble Tournament – June 2019

The 2019 Wexford Scrabble Tournament and AGM took place on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June in Hotel Curracloe, Co. Wexford.

It was a grouped event with 14 games played over the two days. There was a very exciting finish in the A group, with Celine McCart taking first place with 12 wins and a spread of 680, Kay McColgan taking second place with 10 wins and a spread of 627 and Liam Donnelly taking third place with 10 wins and a spread of 498.

The B group saw Darius Bartlett winning first place with 11 wins and a very high spread of 1124, Anne Creaven coming second with 9 wins and a spread of 432 and Una Meehan coming third with 8 wins and a spread of 301.

The high word score went to Eileen Meghen, who scored 134 for ‘GLAZIEST’.

Well done to all. It was a great weekend of Scrabble, pool, cards, meal, walking on the beach, and a few new faces – always very welcome!

See all the stats for the event, and also a selection of photos below.

Celine McCart – Group A, 1st place

Kay McColgan – Group A, 2nd place

Liam Donnelly – Group A, 3rd place

Darius Bartlett – Group B, 1st Place

Anne Creaven – Group B, 2nd place

Una Meehan – Group B, 3rd place

Eileen Meghen – High Word

Playing pool before dinner – Sat night

Beach walk – Sunday lunchtime

At the beach – Sunday lunchtime