Wexford Scrabble Tournament 2018

The 2018 Wexford Scrabble Tournament as held on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December 2018 in Clayton White’s Hotel, Wexford.

There were 15 games played in a grouped format – two groups with 16 players in each. There were also a few players at the Sunday afternoon mini-tournament who greatly enjoyed the event.

The winners were as follows:

Group A:
1st: Lukeman Owolabi – 13 wins, spread 1647
2nd: Kevin McMahon – 13 wins, spread 1039
3rd: Feargal Weatherhead – 10 wins, spread 694

Group B:
1st: John Winick – 12 wins, spread 692
2nd: Anne Creaven – 10 wins, spread 502
3rd: John Kennedy – 10 wins, spread 458

High Word: Pauline Weatherhead – SQUIRES.

Photos and updated ratings to follow. In the meantime, see the full event coverage below, or in a new window.